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One of the most beautiful open air markets in the city is in the historical neighbourhood of San Telmo, that's open all day during Sundays, from very early in the morning to late in the afternoon. Surrounded by countless antiques shops that open their doors to the public all week long, this fair is just beautiful, with very good quality items... Bargaining is always an interesting possibility when acquiring these type of objects, always a plus to get what you want at the price you want to.

In the outskirts of the city, the Solano fair is one outstanding market where if you have a sharp eye for antiques you can find absolutely amazing treasures. Since this fair is very much for locals you can find all from old clothes, semi used house goods, and whatever people had and needed to sell... Its always better to visit this outskirts out of the tourists path fair with a local, best if you know what you want but don't have much time and your Spanish is not very good.

Back to the city, one excellent flea market is the Dorrego Market, in the heart of Palermo, very nearby a great restaurants area; this market has all kinds of items. It’s just a matter of walking around and talking with the local people that are very kind and would gladly help you in your quest.

On the other end of the city, during the weekends there's another kind of flea market at a railway sation. Located in the beautiful residential area of Acasusso you will find this fair has all kinds of decorative items and furniture, one of its specialties are chandeliers at very reasonable prices... High class and good prices, one excellent combo!

These are the most representative fairs and markets in BA. There's nothing you can't get, you name it, they have it... And of course, these are excellent sights when touring through the city of tango, `cause there are many different street shows that weekly chose those locations to show their art: tango, puppeteers, street theatre, live music, plus all kinds of local street food to enjoy during your walk, there's no way that can go wrong!

1. Feria de la Baulera

Now in San Telmo, in the old House of the Currency, this fair, destined to families and groups of friends appears mainly who sell objects that exceed in their houses and contract a position to sell them.
It is for that reason, that all?e can find until the unthinkable m?inesperado one and: English set of dishes, to cristaler? to plater? l?aras, pictures, sin? furniture, bijouterie of?ca, clothes concerned in good state, pens, lencer?antigua, carpets and a multiplicity of objects that dif?l turns out to enumerate.

With more than 100 positions finally of week, the fair mounts all the Saturdays and Sundays since of 11 till 20 hours. An entrance of $1 is received, to benefit of the home of the Apost?co Movement of the Virgin of Schoenstatt and it is not suspended in rain.
Place: Fair of the Baulera (old House of the Currency)
Locality: San Telmo
Zone: Federal Capital
Hour of beginning: 11:00
Hour of aim: 20:00
Price: $1
e-mail: feriadelabaulera@iplanmail.com.ar

2. Feria del Convento
All Sundays from 10 to 19 in the Convent of San Ramon Nonato of the Mercedarios parents, more than 80 Argentine families expose and sell objects of art and the most varied antiques of red, turning to the galleries of the convent a boisterous and attractive stroll where antiques, rare objects of collection, tin decoration or adornment, old toys , old clocks, jewels, furniture, pictures, radios, vitrolas and old discs, cameras, books, magazines can be, posters, postal, currencies and tickets, platería, cutlery, glasswork, porcelains, table cloths and until articles to dress in perfect state of conservation and to very good prices, all this framed by an ample garden with trees bicentennials and vegetation that serves soon as placentero rest of the forced stroll by the facilities.
It is the fair of antiques and objects that offers the best prices to the public and an excellent mouth of expendio stops
established antique dealers.
Unica in its style, the Fair of the Convent combines culture, architecture, diversion and purchases in the older historical place of the City of Buenos Aires.
Supply has in addition two restaurants very concurred completing gastronomical that works all the noons and in special, one to them, Sunday, day in that carries out Fair of Convent All contenders which they pay entrance, whose value is of $1, participate during the day in different drawings from objects donated by the own feriantes ademas to make closings of objects of the different positions without base and to the best postor.
Synthesis, the Fair of the Convent with its magical atmosphere formed by habitual visitors, new and tourists, has become a point forced of meeting to the best style of the traditional fairs that are made in the main capitals of the world.
(Objects of art and antiguedades: Gifts with high added value.

3. more traditional flea markets held in the San Telmo neighbourhood and the Mercado Dorrego in the Colegiales district, where stalls are allocated by the city government authorities.


antique shops that have traditionally dotted the San Telmo neighbourhood in southern Buenos Aires

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