Mom’s hat pins

I finished my hat pin cushion

I asked the other day if anyone had suggestions for how to attach the wool to the glass. Thank you so much for all your suggestions. It helped me think about the problem more clearly. I ended up using FabricTac. I might try something else next time. It is working well enough, but I think I could peel the entire pin cushion off the glass if I tried- is that good or bad?

I put a thick line of glue along the top of the glass and pressed the pin cushion into it. I stuck some long pins through the wool and looped some elastic bands around to hold everything tightly in place until the glue was dry. I didn’t do anything to weight the base and left the glass part empty.

I was thinking of a Protea while I made it, but wanted to be working from a vague notion rather then anything specific. After I finished, I went and looked at photographs.

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