How to Collect Vintage Perfume Bottles

It might have started with a beautiful perfume bottle that you bought or received as a gift, but it has now escalated into a full-blown obsession of collecting vintage perfume bottles. You're not alone. Many people are captivated by collecting these beautiful bottles of all sizes and colors. Here are a few suggestions to put you on the right "scent" for collecting vintage perfume bottles. 

Keep your eyes open for opportunities to obtain a vintage perfume bottle to add to your collection. Estate sales, garage sales and antique malls are terrific locations to browse for vintage antique bottles. Don't forget that you may even find some in your own family if you are fortunate enough to have elderly relatives who may have kept their perfume bottles from many years ago. 

Shop online and Internet auction sites for vintage perfume bottles. Be sure to look at the photo carefully so you have an idea of what you are bidding on. 

Specialize your collection of vintage perfume bottles by working on collecting an entire line from one brand such as Shalimar perfumes, Estee Lauder and Avon perfume collectibles. You may have to do a little research on these collections to make sure you know what bottle design you are looking for, produced in a certain year. 

Put a theme on your collection of vintage perfume bottles by working on collecting Christmas, holiday or spring collection bottles. Again, you may have to do some research to determine what you will be looking for. 

Go for collecting vintage perfume bottles in the mini sizes. These are usually the sample bottles produced by the perfume companies. Many times these mini perfume bottles are of more value as a collectible vintage perfume bottle than regular size perfume bottles. 

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